FEATURING INTERVIEWS WITH: Max&Harvey, Nathan Triska, Danielle Cohn, Blake Gray, Mads Lewis, Simon Britton, Lauren Godwin, Bryce Xavier, Trevor Moran, Messy Monday & MORE!


With just an idea and wi-fi, Meridith Valiando Rojas started her wildly successful company, DigiTour. Now she is sharing her stories, tip and tricks, and more in Selfie Made: Your Ultimate Guide to Social Media Stardom.


Whether you want to be a social star or online entrepreneur, Meridith has you covered! As one of the first companies in the social media ecosystem Meridith and her company DigiTour Media have worked with over 500 social stars from nearly every platform, seeing first hand how people go viral, grow an audience, and leverage the popularity of the internet to build their brand in front of, or behind the camera. Sharing her personal and zany stories while providing real-world (never shared) advice, Meridith gives a peek behind the curtain of DigiTour and what it's been like working with every major star from YouTube to Musical.ly. With some of her biggest social friends weighing in with advice, Q&A's, sample schedules, and their secret tips and tricks -- if you want to launch your online career, this book is for you!

Wednesday Books, St. Martin's Press